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Custom Top-Quality Cuts of Beef

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Quality Food Company is the premier provider of top-quality meats and seafood throughout southern New England. Our custom cutting room ensures that you get the freshest cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken each and every time you order. From standard cuts to specialty ethnic cuts and preparation, count on Quality Food Company to keep your restaurant or foodservice stocked with the finest meats available. Daily delivery service throughout the region. Just ask your representative.

Beef Chart

Cuts of Beef and Their Common Preparation Methods

bull icon = recommended preparation method

Blade info button bull iconbull icon
Brisket info button bull icon
Butts info buttonbull icon
Chuck info button bull icon
Filet info buttonbull iconbull icon bull icon
Flank Thin info button bull iconbull iconbull icon
Fore Rib info button bull icon
Hanging Beef info buttonbull icon bull icon
Leg info button bull icon
Loins info buttonbull icon
Neck info buttonbull iconbull iconbull icon bull icon
Rounds info buttonbull icon bull iconbull icon
Rump info buttonbull iconbull icon
Shank info buttonbull iconbull icon
Shin info button bull icon
Silverside info button bull iconbull icon
Sirloin info button bull iconbull icon
Sirloin Steak info buttonbull iconbull icon
Thick Rib info buttonbull iconbull iconbull iconbull icon
Thin Rib info buttonbull iconbull icon
Top Side info buttonbull iconbull icon